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Comprehensive Criminal Defense for a Diversity of Cases in Clark County

After years of successfully defending clients in Clark County, Neil Cane has covered a diversity of criminal law. He consistently defends a wide range of criminal cases with a systematic and thorough approach. Mr. Cane helps each client by genuinely listening to your side of the story and meticulously working to exploit any glaring or minute weakness in your case’s evidence. As a long-time Clark County lawyer, Mr. Cane is thoroughly familiar with this legal system’s prosecutors and systems. He’ll work dutifully in negotiating the best possible outcome for your case, continually advising you in each step of your legal process.

From significant felonies to minor offenses, Mr. Cane will continually ensure that your legal rights remain protected throughout your time in court. Some of the usual cases Neil Cane defends include:

Violent Crime Defense
Criminal Defense Attorney Clark County

Violent crime ranges from the lesser act of threatening force to the use of force. Whether someone committed violence as a means to an end or the violence was the alleged goal, both cases can be charged as a violent crime. Violent crime includes cases of robbery, assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and rape.

From assault to domestic violence, severe charges can be levied in cases that involve even minor aggression. In cases of domestic abuse, the prosecutor’s office may also place undue weight on a witness’s claim to appear vigilant in protecting their rights at your expense. For this reason, it is essential to hire an attorney like Neil Cane, who can pinpoint valuable evidence in defense of your case and ultimately sway the jury in your favor.

Drug Crime Defense

Drug crime can involve anything from minor possession to significant manufacturing and distribution charges. The severity of drug charges will also range based on the category of drug. Whereas a person under the age of 21 may be charged with a misdemeanor for possessing a small amount of marijuana, anyone charged with the possession of cocaine or methamphetamine will be contesting a felony.

If these crimes are affiliated with drug sales or intent to distribute, they can carry severe charges in the state of Washington. In addition to prison time, the accused could potentially have to forfeit property tied to the alleged drug sales. Mr. Cane has defended each type of these drug crimes and understands what it takes to find flaws in drug-related cases against his clients. From challenging how the police conducted the search and seizure procedure to determining the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you, Neil Cane will work tirelessly to dismiss or mitigate your charges.

The Criminal Defense Attorney Clark County Trusts
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With 29 years of experience, Neil Cane is confident in his ability to defend you in court. He recognizes that the effective representation of his clients requires both an in-depth understanding of the law and extensive hands-on experience.

Mr. Cane is dedicated to using his knowledge and experience to provide practical and cost-effective answers to his clients’ complex legal needs. His depth of experience serves him well in achieving his paramount goals: helping his clients understand complex legal issues and helping them to make informed and reasoned legal decisions.

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Sex Crime Defense

Sex crimes can encompass physical acts like rape or statutory sex offenses to acts such as child exploitation and child pornography. Sex crimes not only carry substantial legal consequences but can completely ruin the future of the accused as well. From rape and sexual assault to child pornography and prostitution charges, sex crimes carry a heavy stigma, no matter how complex the case.

In examining any sex-related crime, a good lawyer will thoroughly investigate the case against the accused. Your representation should look for false accusations, flawed witness testimonies, faulty forensic results, mistaken identity, and mislead witness interviews. Sex crimes accusations can be weaponized in personal disputes and even used as an advantage in a child custody case.

Hiring an experienced and driven trial lawyer is key to ensuring your charges are exhaustively examined and contested. You deserve a lawyer committed to safeguarding your future freedom and reputation.

Legal Counsel Clark County Can Count On

When taking on any criminal charges, it’s crucial for the accused to seek out an experienced attorney who knows Clark County’s legal system. It’s also essential to choose a lawyer who wants to hear your side of the story as well as passionately represent your best interests to the court.

With Neil Cane, you know you will be hiring a skilled lawyer who’s familiar with the state prosecutors in Clark County. Mr. Cane’s nearly 30 years of experience in criminal defense will help you prepare for your trial, whether this involves contesting your charges or preparing a reasonable plea bargain. Mr. Cane offers an aggressive legal defense that prioritizes his clients and their needs.

The Law Office of Neil Cane will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your court case. Call attorney Neil Cane today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.