Neil L. Cane Attorney at Law Results

Case Results

St. v. E. W. Child Molest 1 reduced to Assault 4 with sex motivation

St. v. R. B., Jr. Arson 2 reduced to Adult Diversion

St. v. C. P. Burg I with 31 months reduced to Assault 3 and 45 days

St. v. R. B. Assault I and Drive by Shooting with prison reduced to Assault 3 in Juvenile Ct with 55 days c.t.s.

St. v. J. P. 6 counts including PCS w/ intent reduced to 1 count PCS

St. v. F. W. Unlawful Poss. of Firearms Dismissed on day of trial

St. v. L. S. Dismissed

St. v. S. L. Dismissed Viet sweep MJ case based on Motion attacking Cop’s Affidavit

St. v. D. N. Dismissed Viet sweep case – ditto

St. v. D. N. Dismissed Viet sweep case – ditto

St. v. D. R. PCS w/ Intent reduced to Paraphernalia

St. v. A. G. C M I reduced to Assault 4 after hung jury trial

St. v. E. G. C. M. I reduced to Incest 2 (C felony)

St. v. C. M. Assault 2, Felony Harassment reduced to Disorderly Conduct

St. v. J. C. Felony H & R Injury reduced to H & R gr. misd., based on Motion attacking constitutionality of statute

St. v. A. T. Fail to Register – Dismissed

St. v. A. A. Theft of Car -Dismissed

St. v. F. S. Res. Burg reduced to C.T. 1

St v B.A. Jr., Res. Burglary – based on husband, wife and NCO. NG verdict. Rare result

St v B.A., Jr. CCPAO dismissed Kidnapping with Sex Motivation, Car Theft

St v T.Q. Assault 1 w/ DW – Hung jury, state dismissed rather than attempt new trial

St v D.B. Assault 2 DV – dismissed