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Neil Cane’s experience as a trial attorney will save you from much of the stress and life-changing setbacks associated with violence-related criminal charges and prosecution. When it comes to representing your best interests in your trial, there’s no better choice than Mr. Cane. You’ll get the best outcome with the best services throughout your legal process.

Mr. Cane’s skilled legal perspective offers you the best results while ensuring your comfort in any violent crime-related case.

Assault and Domestic Violence

A domestic violence accusation from a family member, friend, or partner will often result in immediate loss of your freedoms. It’s essential to have a lawyer who’s trained and experienced in the state law’s surrounding domestic violence offenses in order to receive the best protection possible for your personal rights. Neil Cane’s years of experience and access to experts who can analyze the contents of medical records are incredibly useful and necessary in aiding your attorney in your defense.

Assault Sentencing

Assault cases are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the government which tends to seek severe sentencing terms. It’s essential to have a lawyer who’s intimately familiar with the severe penalties in this field of law, especially when certain specific offenses can be compounded without a proper legal defense. Violent crime cases like these require an aggressive legal defense to ensure your rights are protected and that you secure fair treatment throughout the legal process.

An area of the law that is not often examined is a motion for an exceptional sentence downward. Consideration of the accused’s circumstances including the person’s age, financial situation, mental faculties, relationship to the accuser and time in the community are integral to the effort to cut down prison time.

Call Neil Cane to defend you when you face years in prison. Since police can lie to suspects in the state of Washington, one must be circumspect.

If you are charged with a violent criminal offense, you could be convicted and sentenced. The penalties that you may face will depend on the skill of your attorney in considering how to adjust an argument to the facts presented in each prior conviction.

If there are alleged out of state or federal prior convictions, one must rely on a knowledgeable attorney to convince a court that the offenses are not crimes in Washington to avoid unwanted prison time. This is an area of the law that demands a skillful lawyer. The prosecutor’s office may well place undue weight on a witness’ claim in order to appear vigilant in protecting the alleged victim’s rights at your expense.

An Aggressive Defense Lawyer to Meet Vancouver’s Legal Needs

violent crime defense in vancouver

With Neil Cane, you know you will be hiring a skilled lawyer who’s familiar with the state prosecutors in Vancouver. Mr. Cane’s experience with Clark County’s legal system and his knowledge in violent criminal law will help you prepare for your trial, whether this involves contesting your charges or preparing a reasonable plea bargain. Mr. Cane offers an aggressive legal defense that prioritizes his clients and their needs.

The Law Office of Neil Cane will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your court case. Call attorney Neil Cane today to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Washington Attorney Neil Cane represents clients throughout Clark County and Vancouver, WA. His legal focus pertains to a variety of topics in Criminal Defense.