Drug Crimes Attorney Clark County

Successful Drug Crime Defense for Clark County

drug crimes attorney clark countyNeil Cane’s experience with drug crime defense has helped numerous Clark County clients fight charges and prosecution for years. Whether you need legal defensive services for drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing within Clark County, Mr. Cane’s familiarity with the local judicial system and extensive knowledge of the intricacies of drug crime-related law will help you safeguard your rights. Mr. Cane is dedicated to aggressively defending his clients in trial. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, you must find a qualified criminal defense. With Neil Cane, you’ll receive the best possible outcome to your case with a skilled legal perspective on drug crime.

Fighting Drug Possession Charges

If you are stopped, arrested, or searched by police, these incidents could lead to the discovery of illegal drug possession. If you have prior convictions, you could face a plea offer of many months in prison. Mr. Cane’s knowledge of the rules involved in proving previous alleged criminal history is useful when confronting the state in drug-related cases. Mr. Cane will determine if the evidence against you was unlawfully obtained. Ultimately, Mr. Cane will investigate how the charges against you can be potentially reduced or dropped.

Drug Distribution Defense

If you are charged with the crime of possession of controlled substances with the intent to sell, then you could be arrested and given a severe sentence. The penalties that you may face will depend on the type and amount of substance found in your possession.

Crimes affiliated with drug sales or crimes associated with intent to distribute are severe charges in the state of Washington. In addition to prison time, the accused could potentially have to forfeit property tied to the alleged drug sales. Neil Cane seeks to protect your rights by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the case against you. Mr. Cane may be able to have evidence dismissed if it was obtained by violating your constitutional rights.

drug crimes lawyer clark countyDrug Manufacturing, Cultivation, or Importation Charges

Illegal acts associated with the production of drugs without a skilled and knowledgeable attorney will lead to severe charges. It’s essential to use an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands Washington’s laws surrounding a range of drug manufacturing.

Neil Cane’s experience with these related cases and commitment to clients will ensure your rights are protected to the fullest extent.

Defense against Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment restricts police and prosecutors in how they gather evidence in the law enforcement process. One of the first lines of defense in any drug-related case is challenging how a search and seizure was conducted, and if the police collected evidence against you unlawfully. Neil Cane’s experience in a variety of drug-related crime cases ensures he knows how to spot flaws in the case against you while aggressively seeking the best possible legal outcome.

Aggressive Legal Defense for Clark County’s Drug Crimes

Neil Cane is an expert defense lawyer who’s familiar with Clark County’s prosecutors. He offers comprehensive advice in preparing you for trial while building the best case in challenging the charges against you. Neil Cane is an aggressive lawyer whose priority is safeguarding his client’s future.

The Law Office of Neil Cane will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome in your court case. Call attorney Neil Cane today for a free, confidential consultation. Washington Attorney Neil Cane represents clients throughout Clark County and Vancouver, WA. His legal focus pertains to a variety of topics in Criminal Defense.